Evening Update: Thursday @8:30 p.m.

It was a very encouraging day all around.  Derrick was showing signs of improvement and Kathy spent the afternoon and evening with Noah and Ethan!

The latest from Kathy:

Just called the hospital to check in for the night.  Everything is still the same with Derrick.  It was nice to come home a little bit earlier today to be able to spend some time with the boys.  They are still doing great.  Pray that tomorrow they are able to take the ventilation tube out.


A little light music…

Here’s a song that brought Kathy some encouragement this morning – she wanted to share.  She’d also like everyone to dance as they listen!

“I Am A Seed”
By David Crowder Band

Oh I’ve been pushed down into the ground
Oh how I’ve been trampled down
So many feet on top of me
I can’t help but sink, sink, sinkOh I’ve been pushed down into the ground
Oh how I have been trampled down
Lord I put my trust in thee
You won’t turn your back on me

Oh I am a seed
Oh I am a seed
I’ve been pushed down into the ground
But i will rise up a tree

Oh I can see it won’t be long
Till I break free from what I was
Your river of grace flows endlessly
You won’t turn your back on me

Oh I am a seed
Oh I am a seed
I’ve been pushed down into the ground
But i will rise up a tree

I’ve been burned up in so many fires
From these ashes I will rise
Lord your power has rescued me
For you I’ll always sing

Oh I am a seed
Oh I am a seed
I’ve been pushed down into the ground
But I will rise up a tree

Oh I am a seed
Oh I am a seed
Won’t stay long here in this earth
When you rain your love on me
Lord, rain your love on me

Thursday @ 10:30

From Kathy:

After turning of the sedation meds Derrick started to to not get enough oxygen.  So they will be keeping him in the ventilator at least one more day. But he is doing much better. All the doctors have said he is on the mend. Also the hantavirus has come back negative!  Praise God!  While he was awake I was able to talk to him just a little. I told him how much love and prayers have been showered down on us.

UPDATE: Thursday @ 9:45


They just turned off Derrick’s sedation meds and reduced his dependence on the ventilator.  This is one step closer to removing the ventilator!

UPDATE: Thursday @ 9:00

Platelet levels are up and kidney levels are down.  Both are great news!!!!

UPDATE: Thursday @ 8:24 a.m.

Here is the latest update from Kathy.  She said that she should have some more details this morning around 10:30.

From Kathy:

Just got back to the hospital.  Nothing much has changed.  They have lowered the oxygen rate in the ventilator from 50 to 45 so I think that is good.  Waiting until I see the doctor to see what the plans for today are or if we have any results back.

UPDATE: Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.

Latest update from Kathy:

Lots of you have been asking about Noah and Ethan – they are doing really well.  Kathy’s parents are with them and luckily the kids feel right at home at their house.

Derrick is still stable and not much has changed from this morning.  He is still intubated and sedated as of tonight.  We are still awaiting test results to know exactly what his body is fighting.  The things they are testing for take approximately three days to get results back.  We will post as soon as we know the diagnosis.

We remain hopeful because he is in good care and continues to remain stable.

Please leave comments to let Derrick and Kathy know that you are thinking of them.


UPDATE: Wednesday at 10:40 a.m.

From Kathy:

Just finished talking to the doctor.  Derrick is about the same.  His platelets are stable, his blood count is better and they have also reduced the oxygen level.  His kidneys, though, are getting a little worse.  The doctors are watching them closely.  Mainly, he is about the same.


On Sunday (October 7) after battling what was thought to be a bad case of the flu for about a week, Derrick went to urgent care because his fever hadn’t gone down.  They sent him home, but soon called him back to the emergency room because his platelet count was 26,000 and it was supposed to be 150,000.  His platelet count had dropped down to 15,000 when they admitted him Sunday night.

Throughout the next day (Monday) doctors continued to try and figure out what would be causing Derrick to be so sick.  Around 3:00 that afternoon they decided to intubate him because his breathing had been so labored and also give him a platelet transfusion.

The remainder of Monday and throughout the day Tuesday (October 9) Derrick remained intubated and in stable condition.