On Sunday (October 7) after battling what was thought to be a bad case of the flu for about a week, Derrick went to urgent care because his fever hadn’t gone down.  They sent him home, but soon called him back to the emergency room because his platelet count was 26,000 and it was supposed to be 150,000.  His platelet count had dropped down to 15,000 when they admitted him Sunday night.

Throughout the next day (Monday) doctors continued to try and figure out what would be causing Derrick to be so sick.  Around 3:00 that afternoon they decided to intubate him because his breathing had been so labored and also give him a platelet transfusion.

The remainder of Monday and throughout the day Tuesday (October 9) Derrick remained intubated and in stable condition but the doctors still had no diagnosis.

All other updates can be found on the main page of this blog.

Please leave comments, encouragement, or any questions you have here.  It will be a great thing to show Derrick as he recovers and will hopefully encourage Kathy along the way!

Thanks and please keep praying for Derrick, Kathy, Noah and Ethan.


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