Answers and awesome news: Friday @ 2:00

Couple of AWESOME updates:

1.  Derrick is doing great.  Looks like he’ll be taken off the ventilator tomorrow.  He has been awake today, though, which is great and is IMMENSELY encouraging to Kathy.

2.  The doctor just came in and they finally found out what has been ailing Derrick.  It is called legionella pneumonia.  Still not sure where he could have gotten it – it is usually caught from standing in contaminated water.  But, all treatment he has had up to now is the right treatment.


4 thoughts on “Answers and awesome news: Friday @ 2:00

  1. Rachel says:

    So glad you have an answer as to what has been causing this an that he has been awake some today. Praying for an even better tomorrow! Love you guys.

  2. Anne Clarke says:

    Praise God that a diagnosis has been determined!!!! So glad Derrick is on the mend and that antibiotics were started in time! If you want more info about it, visit: Kathy, know that Simon and I continue to pray for all of you. Praying to fast healing for Derrick, and for peace and comfort for you. HUGS from both of us! 🙂

  3. Selina Wren says:

    We are praying for you every day and waiting on God for more praises and blessings that honor Him and surprise you with God’s goodness!!!

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